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s4support helps you effortlessly hire world-class remote engineers and teams.

UX & UI Design

Adding life to Software by creating meaningful UX / UI Design

  • Hire Graphics / UI Designer
  • Hire UX Designer
  • Hire UI / UX Developer
  • Hire HTML 5 / CSS 3 Developer
  • Hire Angular Developer
  • Hire React Developer
  • Hire Vue.js Developer

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It includes Requirement Gathering & Analysis, Mapping - User Needs & Expectations, Business Goals, Target Platforms, Competitors, etc. - and then create Scope Definition.

User experience is about more than just how easy the application is to use and how nice it looks. UX spans the range of visual design, content, interaction design, navigation, features and context to deliver a satisfying interaction and transaction experience for the user.

First impression is everything. We create visual magic by blending colors, illustrations and typography - adhering to Brand / Style Guidelines of company.

Your brand is your business. We design visual systems that express your business & its values. It includes:

  • Brand Strategy - Brand Positioning, Brand Name, Brand Architecture, Tone of Voice
  • Core Identity - Brand Identity Design, Logo Design, Brand Visual Language, Brand / Style Guidelines
  • Marketing Collateral - Packaging Design, Brand Campaigns, Print & Publication Design, Space and Retail Design, etc.

Our approach for Usability Testing is experiential. We design scenarios and experiment with actual users from the target industry. We use a variety of tools to test usability of products. Feedback is then provided to the design teams to refine and finalize product designs.

We analyze your existing product, identify usability / accessibility compliance issues,  and find out challenges & gaps in current UI / UX. Then we create new UI / UX design as per the assessment report created and the current trends, do usability testing, and refine it further based on the feedback from the testing team.

The front-end is the first thing that a user will see and interact with. Using the latest technologies, we make sure the design is translated into a functioning code at the pixel level. We code strictly in accordance with the current standards and support you during integration with the back-end system.

Technology Stack


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD
  • Axure
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Corel Draw
  • InVision
  • Adobe Flash
  • MS Visio
  • InDesign
  • Zeplin
  • Dreamweaver

Technologies / Frameworks

  • HTML / HTML 5
  • AngularJS
  • CSS / CSS 3
  • ReactJS
  • Javascript / JQuery
  • Vue.JS
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass

Attracting, training & retaining specialized IT Talent is a big challenge for many organizations. And, with the rapidly evolving technologies and business needs, sourcing the right IT resources at the right time has become a big pain area. Our “Resource as a Service” is a solution to this problem. You get access to our in-house talent pool of 4000+ engineers which helps you to finish your projects on-time, within budget. s4support specializes in delivering cutting edge digital transformation and technology services that empower global businesses to outperform the competition, improve productivity, and optimize costs.








Consulting Firms


Digital Agencies


Software Companies


Software Product Companies (ISVs)


Stop Recruiting, Start Developing

  • Offshore

    • Hourly (No. of hours as decided)
    • Part Time (90 hours per month)
    • Full Time (180 hours per month)
  • Onsite

    • Hire at your location
    • Monthly Fee + Per Diem Allowances + Ticket + Visa
  • Hybrid

    • Combination of Offshore & Onsite Team
    • As per the project need, the team will be split across onsite & offshore

Skills, Processes & Commitment - which you need

a Service

Dedicated, On-Demand, Secure & Customized

  • Build

    Hire Resources, Setup Infrastructure & Development Environments, Establish Practices / Processes / Methodologies / Culture

  • Operate

    Training & Development, Measure Efficiency, Knowledge & Intellectual Property (IP) Protection, Regulation & Compliance

  • Transfer (If Required)

    Entire operational company to the client based on pre-defined T&C and milestones achievement


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  • Ddecor - White
  • Mahindra - White
  • ShareKhan - White
  • SBI Mutual Fund - White
  • ICICI - White
  • EY - White
  • GEP - White
  • Olympic - White
  • Etlsalat - White
  • Virgin Mobile - White
  • B2X - White
  • eBay - White


We have worked with clients from diverse industry verticals and empowered them with our digital solutions


6500+ Projects Worldwide
22+ Industries

  • Bank - White Banking & Finance
  • eCommerce - Industry E-Commerce & Retail
  • eRetail - Industry Education & Elearning
  • Government - Industry Government / Semi Government
  • Healthcare - Industry Healthcare
  • Insurance - Industry Insurance
  • IT - Industry IT & Consulting
  • Manufacturing - Industry Manufacturing
  • Media - Industry Media & Entertainment
  • News - Industry News & Publication
  • Supply Chain - Industry Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Telecom - Industry Telecom

Pricing Guide

  • Junior

    From $14 Per Hour
    • 2+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week
  • Mid-Level

    From $16 Per Hour
    • 3+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week
  • Senior

    From $18 Per Hour
    • 5+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week
  • Lead

    From $20 Per Hour
    • 7+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week