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s4support helps you effortlessly hire world-class remote engineers and teams.

Internet Of Things (Iot)

Leverage sensor technology through integration with business applications

  • Hire IoT Developer
  • Hire Solution Architect
  • Hire IoT System Administrator

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We define the right IoT landscape for you to kick start your IoT journey. A structured approach is taken to understand your business requirement & offer quick ramp-up to discover your IoT needs & solutions, accelerating your time to market with low risk and zero lock-in.

Here, we identify business pain points that IoT can resolve, find out industry insights and benchmarks, create IoT roadmap in line with desired business outcomes, and define POC plan / technology / platform roadmap.

s4support has developed several domain specific solutions that have helped our clients across various industries like Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, BFSI, Home Automation, etc. to leverage potential benefits of IoT technologies and M2M communication using Internet Protocol. Under the IoT portfolio, we have expertise in various technologies like:

  • Machine to Machine – Collect information through meters or sensors and communicate through wired / wireless devices network
  • Sensors – Subsequent actions through sensors / actuators take place based on certain environmental changes
  • Smart Meters – Track resource consumption and provide analysis for better decision making
  • Connected machines – automate processes through an intelligent network of devices and alert the users on reaching preset values

Our offering includes:

  • IoTization – Device, Gateway, Connectivity, Security - Enabling devices to sense, communicate, network & produce information, and sending it to cloud securely.
  • IoT Platform – Data Storage, Device Management, Data Science Workbench
  • IoT Applications and Analytics
  • Integration of IoT Applications with rest of IT landscape

To run an IoT system smoothly, a properly managed service is required in each layer of the IoT ecosystem. IoT managed services allow businesses to take a proactive approach towards operations, maintenance and predict machine downtime in advance to avoid sudden breakdown and failures. Different managed services include:

  • IoT Device Management - Updates / Security Patches, Replacement, Monitoring
  • Platform Management - Usage monitoring, performance tuning & optimization
  • Data Review - Monitoring different data patterns, measuring accuracy of data models, data cleaning & reports generation

Technology Stack

Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Java
  • C / C++
  • JavaScript

Cloud / PaaS

  • AWS
  • Windows Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Bluemix
  • ThingWorx

IoT Platforms

  • Azure IoT Suite
  • AWS IoT Greengrass
  • IBM - Watson IoT
  • Google - Cloud IoT Core


  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Z-Wave
  • Zigbee
  • ANT
  • Ethernet / WiFi
  • 2G / 3G / 4G LTE

Data Protocols

  • MQTT
  • COAP
  • XMPP
  • SMCP


  • Tessel
  • PlatformIO
  • Losant
  • AllJoyn
  • Weave
  • Thread
  • IoTivity
  • Kaa
  • SiteWhere
  • ThingSpeak
  • Contiki
  • Eclipse IoT Projects (Kura, Mihini, Ponte, SCADA, Smarthome, etc.)

Attracting, training & retaining specialized IT Talent is a big challenge for many organizations. And, with the rapidly evolving technologies and business needs, sourcing the right IT resources at the right time has become a big pain area. Our “Resource as a Service” is a solution to this problem. You get access to our in-house talent pool of 4000+ engineers which helps you to finish your projects on-time, within budget. s4support specializes in delivering cutting edge digital transformation and technology services that empower global businesses to outperform the competition, improve productivity, and optimize costs.








Consulting Firms


Digital Agencies


Software Companies


Software Product Companies (ISVs)


Stop Recruiting, Start Developing

  • Offshore

    • Hourly (No. of hours as decided)
    • Part Time (90 hours per month)
    • Full Time (180 hours per month)
  • Onsite

    • Hire at your location
    • Monthly Fee + Per Diem Allowances + Ticket + Visa
  • Hybrid

    • Combination of Offshore & Onsite Team
    • As per the project need, the team will be split across onsite & offshore

Skills, Processes & Commitment - which you need

a Service

Dedicated, On-Demand, Secure & Customized

  • Build

    Hire Resources, Setup Infrastructure & Development Environments, Establish Practices / Processes / Methodologies / Culture

  • Operate

    Training & Development, Measure Efficiency, Knowledge & Intellectual Property (IP) Protection, Regulation & Compliance

  • Transfer (If Required)

    Entire operational company to the client based on pre-defined T&C and milestones achievement


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  • Mahindra - White
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We have worked with clients from diverse industry verticals and empowered them with our digital solutions


6500+ Projects Worldwide
22+ Industries

  • Bank - White Banking & Finance
  • eCommerce - Industry E-Commerce & Retail
  • eRetail - Industry Education & Elearning
  • Government - Industry Government / Semi Government
  • Healthcare - Industry Healthcare
  • Insurance - Industry Insurance
  • IT - Industry IT & Consulting
  • Manufacturing - Industry Manufacturing
  • Media - Industry Media & Entertainment
  • News - Industry News & Publication
  • Supply Chain - Industry Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Telecom - Industry Telecom

Pricing Guide

  • Junior

    From $14 Per Hour
    • 2+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week
  • Mid-Level

    From $16 Per Hour
    • 3+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week
  • Senior

    From $18 Per Hour
    • 5+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week
  • Lead

    From $20 Per Hour
    • 7+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week