14 June, 2018

Why you should go for offshore developer rather than a freelancer?

In this fast outpacing world, technology is taking everything by storm, be it business, engineering, art and culture or politics. Everything available to us in the form of services has a unique way to interact with us. So, better the interaction better is the outcome. For this, Internet has been the key for almost two decades now. It has been the pillar of success for any company. This pillar is built upon its first interaction with the user i.e. its website. Website is a graphical user interface where a person can get to know about the product or service. If it isn’t professional, creatively designed or well versed with the product then you would be losing out on a lot of customers.

It has been rightly said by the famous entrepreneur Natalie Massenet that you should never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression with everyone – with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing and this is the first opportunity for the companies. So why you should hire a programmer offshore rather than a freelancer?

We have the right reasons for you to explain why hiring professionals is necessary for the company’s success.

  1. Expertise – Offshore Developers have the right kind of knowledge and experience to work professionally. Despite knowledge freelancers lack the professionalism in their work. The scenarios of hiring freelancer can go to situations like lacking ideas, delay in work, etc. Offshore Developers know much better how things are done and how to overcome hurdles that come in between. Also, a lot of works like SEO, dynamic web design, Social media reach are to be handled which require ideas from different people and it is only possible while working with agencies like us.
  2. Client Support – We have a dedicated set of people who are assigned to work for customer support, who will handle all the queries given to them by your company and would also report beforehand in case of delay in work. All and all we can say that we have a right kind of client support who helps you at every step of web development.
  3. Post Support – This is something which is important for the growth of the company once the service is delivered. We have a separate unit which handles all the post launch issues. We provide a warranty kind of period to the companies after the delivery of the purpose which freelancers can’t provide as they work alone and don’t have an adequate knowledge of everything.
  4. Communication – It is an important aspect as it ensures proper working environment. Transparency in work is something which is essential as it builds a trust among the two parties working and the possibility of diversifying the projects. We provide a complete transparency in our work and expect a mutual respect for work which is certainly necessary in this field.

It can be very well understood now, how web agencies have an edge over the freelancers.

You can simply get in touch with our team at S4Support, to hire dedicated programmers for your project, who will not only provide you endless support in your project but also ensure that they deliver the work to their maximum potential.