12 December, 2018

Which JavaScript Framework is right for your app?

Which JavaScript Framework is right for your app?

If you are looking for a JavaScript-based framework for your app you can be sure that your best possible option would be Backbone.js, and there are several reasons for such a statement. It comes with a number of advantages. First of all, it provides you with event-driven communication. With the help of frameworks such as jQuery, it is really easy to create apps that are slick and small. However, when the project starts to get bigger jQuery becomes a source of the problem for developers. There are more callbacks and declarations that they have to deal with. They become more complex and get distributed all over the place as well.

The code becomes harder to read even as it becomes a lot more cluttered. Backbone.js is capable of dealing effectively with such a problem by providing a level of communication that happens to be event driven in nature. It facilitates this between models and views as well as a number of other elements as well. With this framework, you can join listeners to all attributes of particular models. This also provides you a lot of nuance with respect to the control that you have over what you are able to change in the view. This is the first reason why you should hire Backbone.js developer.

It can sync with a backend

The beauty of this framework is that you can easily attach the models in the same to a backend. If you have RESTful APIs you can be sure that you would get exceptional support from this rather unconventional framework. This is in the sense that here the models are able to map to the endpoint of RESTful. If you have designed your API in the proper way Backbone.js can help you further because it has been configured in such a way that it can access the same straightaway in order to perform functions such as reading, deleting, and writing operations.

This is done through actions such as GET, DELETE, and POST. However, even in case if you are not using a RESTful API Backbone has enough flexibility to adapt to the same.

Maintainability in a conventional manner

Conventions can be regarded as a fantastic way in which you can introduce a common style of coding without having the necessity to come up with a detailed set of coding related standards for the same. A number of developers know that Backbone is especially capable of maintaining a clean code base in spite of having many people working on the same code. The key here would be to stick to the conventional methods employed in Backbone.js. The more you do this less is your requirement to code. This in turn also makes sure that your code becomes a lot more readable and in tune with the conventional standards.
Apart from Backbone.js would also help developers in creating on page apps as well as front-end ones with a greater degree of ease. It uses JavaScript functions a lot better in that sense.