4 May, 2018

Typo3 VS WordPress – Which Can Help You to Build a Successful Website?

In today’s ever-changing, technological world, almost everything is going online. The use of offline methods of business like face-to-face meetings and paper memos are slowly, but surely, on the decline. The development of websites has become the need of the hour. Companies and firms, both large and small, organizations, institutions, governments- everything from your favorite restaurant to the world’s fastest car- almost everything today have a website to its name. Even people have a website for themselves. It’s become that easy to create a website. The World Wide Web consists of millions of websites which cover different fields in, so many different ways. The first website was that of the European Organization for Nuclear Research and was set up in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. Technology, and the internet, in particular, has come a long way since then and the number of websites today is only increasing by the second.

There are several web content management systems that help build websites for companies mostly for free. Companies look to make their websites creative and user-friendly at the same time and most of these systems offer such options which make it much more convenient to get onto the web. WordPress is a web content management system that helps you build colorful and creative websites for no cost at all and even allows you to make the code of your website freely available for viewing, sharing and modifying. It was founded in 2003 and is one of the most widely used web content management systems on the internet. TYPO3 is also a web content management system that creates websites at no cost and allows the free sharing of the code. TYPO3 was developed 20 years go in 1998 and it is most popularly used in Europe. Deciding which system to use is difficult and important at the same time as both are very good at what they do. But even then, there are minor differences between the two that help companies choose which system will create a website which suits them best. We at S4Support help you make this decision.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind in order to choose the best system:

  1. Installation: Both website building tools are relatively easy to install and set up. It takes around 10 minutes to install either WordPress or TYPO3 and one cannot really show any distinction between the two with regard to installation.
  2. Usage: WordPress is much more widely used than TYPO3. But WordPress is more towards creating smaller websites, business web pages and personal blogs. TYPO3, on the other hand, is used to create large websites, which need a lot more flexibility. In many ways, WordPress is a lot easier to use. It is uncomplicated and user-friendly and this adds to why it is much more widely used. In contrast, TYPO3 needs a lot more time to get used to and that is mostly the reason why it has only 4% of the market share versus its competitor’s 20%.
  3. Layout: The layouts offered by WordPress are vibrant, colorful and compact. But they are ‘Theme-based’, that is, users are made to select their layouts from a particular set of themes, thus limiting individual adjustments. TYPO3, on the other hand, uses layouts that are ‘core-dependent’, which basically means it has a gigantic number of themes available and users won’t feel a sense of incompleteness using these themes. Even though WordPress offers a select set of themes, all of these themes are lively, radiant and rich.
  4. Website type: WordPress can be used to create any sort of website one wants, but is mostly used to develop personal blogs. Websites created using WordPress are usually considered much more user-friendly and easy to use and more often than not, the option chosen by anyone who wants to build a website. TYPO3, on the other hand, is more business-oriented, with the tool mainly used to build business websites, since it offers a larger platform to work on. Large business firms usually opt for TYPO3 since it helps build a much more sophisticated website.
  5. Security: It is advised to constantly upgrade your WordPress to the latest version since the security patches of each version get updated. This helps maintain an up to date log against potential security threats. In contrast, TYPO3 has an inbuilt security software. Security Bulletins get information about possible vulnerabilities in TYPO3’s core and extensions.

Surely going through all these points helped you reach a decision. WordPress is the most widely used website building software and is usually opted by bloggers. But it also serves as a platform to create colorful, compact and vibrant websites which are a sight for sour eyes. S4Support look to hire WordPress programmers, who can do this very task efficiently. S4Support provides the WordPress developer services and helps build the best website for you.