13 August, 2018

Top 7 Emerging Trends In Web Development- Part 2

In our previous blog, we did discuss emerging trends in technology that have changed over the time in response to the growing user expectation and demands. In this post, let’s quickly walk through the other scaling trends in web development arena:
Blockchain: It’s the latest technology and has a massive demand. Blockchain can be defined as a string of devices that record a transaction of financial nature and follows a process that is transparent, accountable and secure across all networks. In the case of e-commerce websites, authenticity and security obviously come into the picture but many sectors like IT, health, telecom, education have also implemented this technology to thwart any attempts of fraud or tampering.
Flash To HTML 5: It is compatible and runs smoothly on most of the devices. The popularity of HTML is very high since games, videos and almost all of the digital content accept it as the universal format. On the other hand, Flash is not much in good terms with MAC OS and Linux because it doesn’t have access to GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit). Hence, this causes a huge load on the CPUs, slowing down the performance. It may not be amongst the group of new website trends but should certainly not be overlooked if your website still runs on Flash.
You can hire dedicated web designer or hire professional web designer who will create a website that is in sync with the latest developments in HTML 5.
Static Websites: Yes they are back! They now are trending, secure and inexpensive to develop. These websites have become more advanced with static site generators which combines the advantages of a static website and CMS that has made them agile to cater to various business segments.
Push Notifications: As per some reports, push notifications have a conversion rate of 30 times than that of an email! Google, Chrome, and Firefox have a combined market share of around 70% so you can think of the huge potential this trend has to offer. And what better way of keeping the users engaged with your website even after they logged out or closed the window. These are completely user-friendly and in some cases a cheaper alternative to mobile applications.
All the technologies that we listed in the series will keep updating, developing to meet newer business demands and create a better user experience. As a business owner, one must carefully take into account the demands of the user or the market and then create an action plan. You must hire dedicated web designers and professional web designer who would effectively meet your requirements, complete and deliver the project on time, offer timely support and is economical.