13 August, 2018

Top 7 Emerging Trends In Web Development- Part 1

Technology, as we know keeps getting better and better each day. What was considered “hip n happening” before, has now become archaic. One will have to rewind a little and compare the web development technology scenario from the yesteryear’s and today to get a clearer picture of how far it has come. Technology is constantly evolving as there are demands by new businesses and enterprises that keep pushing the boundaries of web development each day.
2017 was an exceptional year in the context of web development trends as it fueled and churned out truly efficient and beautiful websites. Likewise, newer trends are also seen on the rise, as they seem to get more user-acceptance owing to the rich functionalities. As a business owner, you need to be in sync with the emerging trends because that’s the way of staying ahead in today’s fierce competition.
For this, hire dedicated programmers and professional web designers to develop innovative website which reflects current trends. But before we proceed, let’s glance at some facts as to why is it beneficial for you:

  • 38% of the online visitors will jump out of a website if they find it’s design and content to be below par
  • HubSpot inferred that 47% of your visitors will primarily view the product/services page of the website and then move on to explore the other sections
  • 77% of digital agencies have cited UX (User Experience) in web development as the main weak point that leads to poor performance of the website

So it is evident that a website has to be responsive, able to generate interest and keep your visitors hooked on for long that it turns them into a paying customer.
Here’s a quick run through a list of the latest trends that will help you do just that:
Single Page Websites: It pretty much defines itself. A single- scrollable page with all of the content without any clutter. Benefit – the visitor is not bombarded with excess information, disorienting navigations and tons of content. You get to control the visitor’s behavior and also such websites are mobile friendly and cost-effective.
Motion UI: Simplicity is the key in UI interface. Clutter, scattered content and undefined layout with over-flashy webpage will turn away a visitor, never to return again. Motion UI is used to give old content a coat of fresh paint with animations and other creatives but in moderation. In a nutshell, Motion UI is not just about re-doing content but giving it life and encouraging visitors/users to play around it while making this whole information exchange process interactive.
Chatbots Powered by AI: By 2020, it is believed that 85% of the users will engage on a website without human interaction. Chatbots are very crucial in providing quick and efficient customer service as they can start a dialogue and offer solutions based on frequently asked questions. The visitor experiences a human-like interaction and gets the query solved in few minutes. Think about it, with a chatbot in place you can optimize the entire workflow and save money on human resources.
This pretty much sums it up for our Part 1 of this series. Coming up in the next post, we shall take you through the some more interesting top technology trends. Stay tuned with us.