drupal development

16 July, 2018

Things to Know About website development in Drupal

As the Drupal market continues to flourish and more and more clients require dedicated Drupal developers, a question may arise in your mind: What exactly is a Drupal Developer?

In today’s generation, where technology has become one of the most essential parts of human life and content management systems too have taken over a large part of the internet today and when this is the case, it becomes even more important to ease the process of creation and modification of content digitally. You might have stumbled across many blogs and articles on the internet that tells you which content management system is the best for you and though every CMS might have its own pros, Drupal turns out to be one of the best and the most effective in the long run. Why is this so you may ask? This is because Drupal has an amazing collection of modules that allows the development of any and every site on the internet; be it a blog, or an e-commerce company site or an informational site- Drupal is the right tool for your needs. Here is why:

  1. Open Source:Just for a second, imagine that Wikipedia was managed by certified editors and only they could add or make changes to the website. Imagine how many people they would actually need to curate articles in so many different languages. Moreover, how would we able to guarantee that these “editors” know enough to describe the information on the given topic? One of the biggest perks of Wikipedia is that literally anybody can contribute to any article and it is the same with Drupal because it is an Open Source. An open source doesn’t require you to pay to use the software. You can make changes, edit and provide more ideas.
  2. Cost: Who doesn’t like free stuff? Drupal is one of the best CMS that is 100% free and which can be installed without hassles. It comes with a variety of options or modules that you can choose from to develop a website based on your preferences. This is what sets Drupal apart from the other CMS in the market. As this offers a huge amount of options free of cost and because it comes up with a clean mark-up code that makes it very easy for developers to organize content development, Drupal is one of the most sought after content management system in the world.
  3. Quality: Just because Drupal is free of cost and is an open source content management system doesn’t mean that it lacks in it quality. Drupal has a very robust and dynamic module to better web development. It houses more than thousands of modules that the developers can use and add specific features to their sites according to their needs and demands. Since Drupal is an open source, it becomes easier for web developers to add or fix issues on their website without any problems. If you want to add SEO, Security, Polls, Login modules, Performance etc. on your website, then Drupal gives you all the freedom to modify and set your website according to your preference. Wait, that is not all! Adding to the benefits and advantages of Drupal, the most important feature that should not go unnoticed is that Drupal comes with constant updates from a massive active community that makes it all the easier for developers to enjoy the benefits of Drupal.

What makes Drupal the best CMS in the present market is its versatility and the amount of freedom the developer gets when designing and organizing the content online. As a website owner, in case you are not completely happy with the work put up by your hired web developer, S4Support is always one mouse click away. At S4Support, you can hire Drupal programmers who are completely dedicated and will always see to that that your demands and needs are finished with utmost perfection. In the recent years, a lot of developers and programmers are shifting to Drupal as it is hassle-free and user-friendly and this is the main reason why Drupal is the right platform to deliver the right content on the right platform. It is time you hire your Drupal Developer today!