14 June, 2018

Struts Framework- To develop the base of the web applications in Java

Apache Struts are a Java based framework built to facilitate the production and development of Java EE applications. The software is open source, accessible by the general public so they can get their hands on an opportunity to build upon their ideas. The framework is built with a specific working model involved; an MVC approach. MVC stands for Model – View – Controller, which are specific steps that come together for organizational structure and operational ease. Their focus is for their applications to be flexible with plugins and be able to support various languages and practices. This framework has been developing for years and gained a strong following.

There are various reasons for which Struts is used to develop the base of web applications in Java, some of them are as follows:

  1. Central Control: With Struts, you not only have a centralized controller but also a centralized XML file which will configure all the actions, and provide the file to write crucial data rather than having to code it in the java code file.
  2. Maintenance and Development: Struts distinguishes the model, view and controllers efficiently and so it can be easily maintained and the development of the web application also becomes hassle free. This also allows you to allot different tasks to different people based on their skill sets, thus also helping you optimize the development costs.
  3. Tags Library: With Apache Struts you have access to Bean tags which allow you to easily integrate the properties of Java Beans elements. Additionally, Struts also offers sets of HTML tags which are associated with the JavaBean elements.
  4. Validation of Form Field: Apache Struts also provides frameworks which validate the data such as formats, maximum and minimum lengths, while also keeping a track of the previous data.

In addition to these basic advantages, Struts also offers a lot of utilities which are derived from the Apache common to make the whole development process easier. As a struts development company, S4Support promises to offer top-notch Struts developer who creates customised Solutions for development at the most competitive pricing.