11 September, 2018

OsCommerce – The Ultimate Ecommerce Solution for Online Stores

The world has witnessed the booming growth of online stores and marketplaces globally in the recent times. The number of buyers and sellers throughout the digital market place are growing and hence with the evolving technological landscapes, E-commerce stores have undergone countless upgrades and revamping to keep up with the demand.

Amidst the continuous churn of upcoming technology replacing the outdated ones, OsCommerce is one platform that has made a mark for itself in the fickle industry. An estimate 2,60,000 eStores currently active has been built using OsCommerce. Before you decide if you wish to hire OsCommerce developer for your upcoming online store, we present the three main reasons why OsCommerce is the ultimate solution for it.

  1. Large Community: Given the sheer number of people using the OsCommerce platform to run their online store, it is very easy to work with a community of hundreds and thousands of other users and developers who are always ready to help you out with any casual bugs or error that may crop up later. The large community also establishes the easy availability of many different plugins and templates. With over 7000 different plugins, customizations and templates available, OsCommerce and its ever growing community truly present the best of E-commerce platform, all free of cost!
  2. Feature Loaded: OsCommerce platform is the three sixty-degree solution to all the front end and back end needs that your eStore might encounter. From an unlimited product catalogue management system to reviews, special offers, and customer management to tax handling, database backups, security checks and a lot more, this software has features to meet every aspect of running a digital marketplace.
  3. Easy modifications: As a free product with an open source license, OsCommerce is something that is available to anyone who wishes to use it and should anyone seek to make any modifications or adjustments to better suit their needs, they will find it relatively easy to do so. Sure, it does require some skills, but an easy solution would be to hire OsCommerce developers to build an online store exactly as per your wish by modifying and manipulating the software and its features.

While there are many who might consider OsCommerce basic when it comes to E-commerce platform software however, in the hands of a skilled developer this is a software versatile enough to suit every company’s unique requirement. In close to 18 years since its inception, OsCommerce has not only been the ideal choice for a variety of sellers with a wide range of different market requirements but also has been used as the foundation on which many other shopping cart software and digital marketplace platforms are based. Indeed, it is a technological marvel whose greatest novelty is that it’s available for anyone to use.