13 August, 2018

Increase Conversions With These 5 Simple Methods

Awesome user experience is the backbone of your business. It’s a crucial factor in measuring the website’s ability to convert visitors into buying and loyal customers.

Customer experience entails the complete process of nurturing, guiding and assisting the visitor while they are browsing through the website. Research studies shed light on the fact that for every dollar invested by a company to increase its customer usability experience, it gets around $10-$100 in benefits and also wins loyalty and satisfaction of the client. Still, in spite of doing all the right things you keep wondering as to why visitors keep bouncing off your site? There’s a fair chance of that you may have overlooked few subtle factors in the interface leading to this debacle. What are those you may ask? Let’s explore:

Smooth navigation
Keep it, simple guys. It takes roughly 3 seconds for the visitor to discern how to get around the website. The moment they find it to be complicated or unable to locate what they came for, off they go clicking away to a rival site. What to do so that you can to prevent such apathetic reactions? Don’t go hit the panic button yet. All you need to is
hire a dedicated web designer who is an expert at developing simple yet stunning websites.

Give what they demand
There is a reason as to why the users are on your site. They might be looking for a solution, product or an answer and they hope to find it somewhere on your website. Ease their search by placing the apt details regarding your product/solution at the right place.

Give space…WhiteSpace We Mean
As said in the beginning, simplicity is the key. You must deliver a site that catches and entices the viewer’s attention with a simple layout instead of a complex one. Stuffing every space available with elements like images, hues, and different shapes can turn away your visitors. Your website is more like the brand ambassador of your business and whitespace is really a big deal in web design. When used effectively, it can improve readability and website performance.

Speedy Checkout
If you are in the business of selling products then streamline the checkout process. How to do so? Relax,
hire professional web-designer who will know exactly what and how to do. Shorten the process by cutting out the redundant elements that will drag down the speed of the website and test your visitors’ patience.

Direct Away From The 404s
Web pages change and break over the time but it does not mean that you do nothing about it. You just cannot assume that your visitor will try to look for your website by going back or typing the URL again. They simply close down the window and start looking for a new site that will give them what they need.Therefore, use this page to clearly direct them towards the working pages of your website and not persuade them to abandon it.

So there’s it folks, top few things that you must do for running a successful website. Now all you need is to hire a professional web designer on board and you’re good to go.