9 October, 2018

How new Technologies are adapting Artificial Intelligence?

You must have heard the about artificial intelligence? It is the new buzzword in all businesses. With technology advancing in leaps and bounds artificial intelligence is the new wing of development that is making hefty flights nowadays. In layman’s words, artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that aims at creating ‘intelligent’ machines that will function and reacts like human beings. Computers that are equipped with artificial intelligence are capable of planning, recognizing speech, learning and solving problems. In fact, it is artificial intelligence and machine learning that is the most advanced and researched area in technology. Artificial intelligence intends to program computers so that they can display the following traits:

  • Reasoning
  • Knowledge
  • Perception
  • Problem-solving
  • Planning
  • Learning
  • Ability to manipulate

Another word that is commonly used in relation to artificial intelligence is automation. Feeding machines with lots of data and making them react like humans are making humans redundant in many fields. Machines are being able to do some repetitive tasks that were earlier done by human beings. However, for artificial intelligence to be full proof, they must have access to objects, properties, and categories that have a relation to the real world.

Machine learning is a core branch of artificial intelligence. This enables computers to learn without external supervision. For this, it is important to classify information in a correct way. Another major branch of artificial intelligence is robotics. Tasks like object manipulation and navigation can be easily handled with robotics. Robotics also helps in motion planning. There are many mobile app development company in India that work on AI.

New technologies and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is acting as a catalyst in advancing technologies. In fact, new technologies are adapting to artificial intelligence.

  • More accuracy -Artificial intelligence and machine learning test many mathematical models before getting into production. This increases accuracy to a great extent. No wonder new technologies are being designed in such a manner that they are more accurate in function and forecasting. In fact, a study done by McKinsey has shown that due to machine learning inventory reduction has gone down from 20% to 50%.
  • Predictive maintenance – Organizations are slowly understanding the benefits of predictive maintenance and adopting the same. Predictive maintenance use sensors to understand the condition of equipment and analyze data on a regular basis. This has its own set of benefits. No wonder new technologies are being designed based on the logic of predictive maintenance that is making them more saleable to business.
  • Personalized manufacturing – Artificial intelligence has advanced to such a level that companies can make personalization on the next level. They can now customize their products as per the needs of different clients without changing the code much. No wonder all new technologies are taking a cue from artificial intelligence and machine learning to make personalization and customization as one of their primary expertise.
  • Optimized manufacturing – Machines running on algorithms designed with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence can be easily optimized as per the need of the day. Technologies nowadays are adapting to these requirements to meet the needs of the manufacturing and other businesses.
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