4 May, 2018

Cost effective ways to get an updated website for your business

There is no denying the value of a good, engaging website for an up and coming or even an established business. It is, more often than not, the first selling point of any business. In an era of digitalization, spending money on printed advertisement and flyers are something that can be easily cut down and instead utilized in forms of advertisements that better serve this generation. However, it all leads back to one thing. The first step of brand recognition, your website.

Depending on what your business deals with, each corporate house will have a completely different website and ways of its management. Nevertheless, the one common fact is, the website needs to be updated. Regularly. That is the only way of surviving the race to the first page of the SERP and maintaining your online presence.

S4Support, a name in global IT consulting & software solutions providers, presents a few cost effective ways to get an updated website for your business.

  1. Get a Content Management System for your website: This perhaps, can be one of the most cost effective ways of maintaining an updated website. Content Management System is a crucial tool for any successful website which, among other things, enables multiple users to update and manage the content of the website. This will enable your assigned company staff to update the basic contents of the website themselves, like any new news, offers, etc., even if you choose to hire dedicated programmers for major website makeover.
  2. Update the site Content: Updated website does not mean turning over the whole thing and creating a whole new layout every time. Sometimes, that level of major makeover might be necessary but in general updating the text and graphic content of the website is sufficient to keep pace with your industry. The major benefit of updating content is that it does not require a lot of monetary investment but still is crucial in terms of search engine optimization and customer attraction. Create a blog, change the current page content, create more landing pages. Language is evolving, four times as fast in the virtual world as in the real world. Keep pace with it.
  3. Update the Graphics: This might directly contradict the above point, only rarely do people read the content of a website. They scan it. And the images on your website are what they communicate with in the few seconds spared to each page. If a potential customer comes back to your web page and sees the same visual content as the last time, quite often they will assume ‘nothing new here’ even if you spent solid cash changing the entire page from one coding language to other. Update the visual contents of your website. This is not a pricy deal but gives your website a fresh look.

Different corporate houses, depending on what they deal in, need to update their web content at different frequency. A financing institute can have the same web content for six months easily but doing this would be a business disaster for a sports or fashion industry website.

Various tools like Google analytics, etc., can enable you to monitor your web page visitors, key word efficiency, targeted and visiting audience and a lot more, each extremely useful in deciding the new look and direction of your website after the next update.

Website is a tool to reflect your business goals and help you achieve them and like anything else in the corporate rat race, they need to evolve to survive.