8 August, 2018

Common coding mistakes usually done by CakePHP Programmers

CakePHP is a PHP Framework. PHP is one of the most common languages like C, C++ and Java on the web. CakePHP is a free, open-source, quick improvement system for PHP. It is a basic structure for software engineers to make web applications. It simplifies your task by letting you build applications much faster. It also reduces the development costs without the need complicated configurations. CakePHP removes the repetitiveness from web improvement. But there are few common mistakes committed by most of the CakePHP programmers which are as follows:

  1. There are few CakePHP coding conventions like coding standards, language indentation, line length, and control structures etc. which are not followed.
  2. Improper usage of containable behaviours and recursive levels in object-relational mapping.
  3. Most of the times business logic is kept in controllers instead of models forgetting the facts that most of the GoodPHP’s code will have their logic in model files. Controller files should be used to handle user actions and let business logic be in model file.
  4. Instead of returning often and early, a lot of complexity is added to the code. The allows the CakePHP to write in the similar way and direction that we read.
  5. Non-usage of don’t repeat yourself principle. It can be called as a philosophy that has to be used while coding in CakePHP. Same block of the code can’t be repeated twice.
  6. Not commenting the code.

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