9 October, 2018

CakePHP Moves Forward – CakePHP 3.6.11 Released

CakePHP remains a free open source fast improvement system designed for PHP. Software engineers use it as a foundational structure for the creation of web applications. It facilitates the entire process of web application development by simplifying tasks, reducing development costs and doing away with complicated configuration. As is the case with other open source systems—even CakePHP has had several updates till date. And, today, we are going to discuss the latest version of CakePHP— i.e. CakePHP 3.6.11, which has just been released. Do read on in order to know more about it.

CakePHP 3.6.11: What is it all about?

The release of the CakePHP 3.6.11 came has been announced recently. The CakePHP central team has enthusiastically proclaimed that the maintenance discharge for the 3.6 branch is immediately available for use. The newest version is designed to fix several community-related issues. You can hire Cakephp developer to find out more about its nuances. Documented below are other details of CakePHP 3.6.11. that you can acquaint yourself with.

CakePHP 3.6.11: The Purpose of this Version

As far as the bug fixes are concerned, users are likely to experience a string of alterations in 3.6.11. These changes have been listed below:

  • Updated bundled cacert.pem file into the 20-6-2018 discharge from Mozilla
  • The more consistent internal use of ConsoleIo
  • Better API Documentation
  • The programmers have fixed the timing of side-channel vector of the Digest Authentication which might be utilized to itemize usernames
  • In this particular version, the scoped middleware applies the unique set of middleware
  • Binary column reflection at this time returns the column length in the SQLite and MYSQL for the custom-sized binary fields

Notably, the issue regarding the side-channel vector was raised by Edgaras Janušauskas through the responsible disclosure process.

The Release of CakePHP 3.6.11: Find out who the Contributors are!

As a Cakephp programmer, your knowledge about CakePHP 3.6.11 remains incomplete if you didn’t know who contributed significantly to the release of CakePHP 3.6.11. Mark Scherer, Edgaras, ADmad, itosho, Hideko Kinjyo, Curtis Gibby, inoas, Edgaras Janušauskas, Ian den Hartog, saeideng, Mark Story, ndm2, sohelrana820, and Sohel Rana among others are just a few names in this regard.

Hire the Best CakePHP developers to make the Most of this Version

In order to make the most of this program, do make sure that you are considering Cakephp web application development services. Dedicated developers can actually help you to meet your onshore or offshore or on-site project needs with marked ease. Offered below is a glimpse of the bouquet of PHP related services offered by these companies:

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  • Legacy Applications Upgradation, Enhancement and Performance Tuning
  • Bug Fixing, Support, Maintenance and Enhancement in existing applications
  • Third Party Tools or Plug-in integration that includes Forum, chat, blogs, Search Engine among others)

Do check the credentials of CakePHP developers before hiring them. Hopefully, this blog has been of substantial help.