yii Framework

12 July, 2018

7 reasons to choose Yii Framework for an ecommerce store

Choosing a right framework for your ecommerce store is a crucial task. There are a lot of things that you have to take into account like cost, security, upgrades, flexibility, customization, reliability, support etc. before fixing on one platform. A high performance component based on the PHP framework which is used to develop the modern web applications is Yii Framework, which can be easily used for various web applications which are using PHP.

As the framework has a component based structure along with dependable caching support, it is suitable for curating large scale applications which include portals, content management systems (CMS), forums, ecommerce store and a lot more.

Here are 7 reasons why you should choose Yii over other frameworks:

  1. Built in Security: When it comes to running an ecommerce store security is vital for both the website owners and the customers. Often developers cut corners when it comes to security either because of lack of understanding or because of cumbersome implementation. Yii has built in authentication and authorization features which are highly customizable according to your needs.
  2. Easy Installation:The first step to any application is installation. Yii makes it easy to install using Composer package manager which also allows you to install new extensions and updates by simply running a single command. This saves time, money and effort.
  3. Excellent Documentation:Being an open source platform, user generation documentation is easily accessible. Step by step detailed description of class references like methods, properties, events etc. make the learning process a lot easier.
  4. Rapid Development: CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) generation allows web applications to run in real time this aiding in faster development. It also helps in managing the application design.
  5. Vast testing tools: Yii comes with robust testing tools. Testing is an important part of software development. In case of web application, testing is important to ensure if a page is reacting properly to data. With Yii testing process can be automated. Each time you need to verify something, you just need to call up the code that does it for you.
  6. Short Development time: With Yii you don’t need to spend hours working on the same project. Its helps to customize applications according to the client’s requirements making development rapid. For creating code for templates, forms, models extensions etc. Yii is the go to choice.
  7. Easy Debugging: Bugs are inevitable and effective debugging tools allow you to find bugs and solve them quickly saving time, money and reputation. Yii has made debugging easy with several debuggers which helps you to manage highly difficult exceptions with resourceful metrics in an organized manner.

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